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    “Gave me was the feeling of personal investment in my project.”

    The guys at Red Dragon Web Media made the process simple and showed me what options were available… And one thing Red Dragon Web Media gave me was the feeling of personal investment in my project. I felt like they were there with me investing as much as I am. The personal touch is amazing.

    Kevin "dark heart" Knight – Seattle General Contractor


    We provide custom-made SEO solutions at Red Dragon Web Media to help you bring in customers, convert leads, and help your business grow. We’ll create a customized marketing campaign that grows your business by increasing the amount of web traffic going to your website. Our reports will show you the ROI you deserve.

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    “I would recommend these services to all my friends.”

    Josh designed my website and had it live in 7 days. He did a great job and was receptive to feedback and the changes I asked for. He has already helped me get some great leads and we are on schedule with the online marketing plan for my business. I would recommend these services to all my friends.

    Jacob Richmond - Seattle Handyman


    As a top rated internet marketing company, we understand the importance of building websites that are ready to convert traffic into leads and customers. Keeping SEO best practices as our foundation, we collaborate with you to determine site keywords and the strategy to achieve your growth goals.

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    Red Dragon Web Media is the premiere online marketing and digital development company in the Pacific Northwest. We specialize in digital solutions for businesses. We focus specifically on website development, mobile application development and SEO, which is getting your business to rank on the first page of google and other search engines so your customers can find you! Our in-house development team is second to none and our marketing team is propelling us to become one of the best SEO companies on the west coast!

    Our aim is simple, provide the best service possible. If you can dream it, 9 out of 10 times we can build it for you! If you have a service or product, we will make sure you’re website is on the first page of Google in a reasonable time frame. None of the “pay me and we’ll see” horse puckey you’ve probably heard from other companies.

    Producing lasting organic SEO results for local, national and global brands for more than five years, Red Dragon Web Media understands that today’s advanced SEO is the most important aspect of your business. We have mastered a meticulous process of testing, analyzing and fine-tuning integrated site and page-specific strategies to deliver short and long-term ranking success that results in real conversions and real sales. Whether you have an online business where you sell your products or services, or you own the local corner restaurant, it’s the same. Being on the first page of the search results will insure that you are getting in touch with the people looking for what you have! The greatest website in the world doesn’t sell your products or services, having your website on the front page where customers are looking makes the money.


    Seo is a business investment with a quantitative return on investment. As far as advertising goes, SEO has the best ROI (Return On Investment) of all advertising, hands down. Unlike tv, radio or newspaper ads, Search engine leads want what you have and are ready to buy from your business as soon as they see you. We have some of the best SEO results in the Pacific Northwest!!
    Our team is second to none. We stay up to date on all the most relavent methods and trends when it comes to websites. Web design continues to grow and change, and you should remember that it always will. If you are not interested in wearing the webmaster hat in your business too, you should leave the details to us. Whether you want a $10,000 custom designed website, or a simple WordPress install, we got you covered!
    All of our application development happens right here in-house. We boast about our team having twice as many certifcates and degrees than people! Mobile applications are great for helping your customers order from you with ease, as well as increasing customer loyalty and driving sales! We offer a full range of application development services for Anodroid, Ios & Window phones, as well as Facebook, Twitter and Desktop applications.


    Our Fearless Leader

    If everyone aimed as high, we'd have a different set of problems in the world...



    SEO, Web Development, and Mobile Applacations have been a way of life for quite awhile, it’s only natural that he developed a business that focuses on these things.